Resilient Food, in Times of Disruption & Beyond

Participate in a Farm Supporter Interview

Got 2 hours? We’re working on a toolkit for community food resilience, in times of the COVID-19 Pandemic and beyond. We’re looking for: farm advisors and community organizers to guide what we design and build.
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Contribute to the Community Library

Know of useful resources or tools for community food coordination? We’re looking for software used by farmers, a spreadsheet you’ve made for coordinating food distribution, descriptions of how a community is pivoting to local food, and much more. Take a look at the community library and submit a resource to be considered.

Join the Research Team

Are you a researcher exploring community coordination, farmer perspectives, digital technologies, or other aspects of local food systems? Our research team, led by Purdue University, has a range of collaborative activities planned, beginning with a qualitative research study to inform the design of technologies and technology-mediated processes for community food resilience.

Join the Design Team

Check out the concept paper to get a sneak peek into what we’re planning.